Charity Links Macarthur

Charity Links Macarthur is an informal network linking Macarthur region charities.

In late 2015, Charity Links Macarthur’s Foundation Executive was established, with an inaugural community networking meeting for charities in Macarthur held in February 2016.

Youth Solutions, along with representatives from Disability Macarthur, Lifeline Macarthur and OCAGI, was part of the Foundation Executive and remains a current Executive member.

The aim of Charity Links Macarthur is to:

  • provide an informal network linking Macarthur region charities in an effort to provide better outcomes and support for people in the Macarthur community, and
  • improve the connection between Macarthur region charities as a means of fostering a healthier, well-supported and inclusive Macarthur community

For more information about Charity Links Macarthur, its initiatives and meetings, visit the website or email