Celebrate Safe and Well

The Celebrate Safe and Well campaign wrapped up at the end of January 2017. Read the Project Report here: 2016 – 2017 Safer Celebrations Project Report – Celebrate Safe and Well.

Read on to find the campaign’s top tips and Celebrate Safe and Well all year round!

Celebrate Safe and Well .. It’s up to us! 

Youth Solutions and Campbelltown

AOD Link

AOD Link is Youth Solutions’ sector training and capacity building program.

Through the AOD Link program, Youth Solutions delivers relevant presentations and activities to community sector workers, educators, parents and carers.

AOD Link aims to develop the knowledge and skills of workers, educators, parents and carers, in order to better support their young people, and/or clients.

AOD Link presentations are …

Drug and Alcohol Information and Resilience Skills

Drug and Alcohol Information and Resilience Skills (DAIR) is a Youth Solutions health education program for young people aged 14 – 16. The program also engages with parents, carers and the wider school community.

Through DAIR, young people take part in series of workshops which focus on knowledge and skill development to reduce alcohol and other drug related harm.

Established …


Youth Solutions’ award-winning ARTucation project fuses youth drug and alcohol education with creative expression through Aboriginal art, dance, music or Traditional Indigenous Games. The project particularly seeks to engage with young Indigenous people.

Developed in late 2013, ARTucation is generally delivered in conjunction with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, artists or community leaders.

Young people take part in …

PEEP and the SAFE Series


Through the Peer Enrichment and Empowerment Project (PEEP), Youth Solutions’ Youth Advisory Group (YAG) members and other youth volunteers assist Youth Solutions to plan, implement and evaluate services and activities for young people.

Through PEEP, the youth volunteers and YAG members are trained to become Peer Educators, giving them the opportunity to deliver drug and alcohol prevention education and …

Take it Easy

The Take it Easy campaign wrapped up in February 2016. For more information download the 2015 – 2016 Safer Celebrations Project Report – Take it Easy.

It’s OK to Take it Easy this celebration season!

Youth Solutions and Campbelltown Catholic Club have partnered up to deliver the Take it Easy Safer Celebrations campaign. Youth Solutions urges all young people …


The Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Group (YAG)  first launched the #whyichoose campaign in 2015, reinvigorating the campaign each year.

The project aims to start a conversation about the risks of tobacco smoking and the benefits of quitting smoking, cutting back or not starting to begin with.

The #whyichoose campaign encourages people to post their Twitter and Instagram content using the …

Past Campaign – Keep it in Check

The 2014 – 2015 Safer Celebrations campaign, called Keep it in Check, wrapped up in February 2015. More information can be found in the 2014 – 2015 Safer Celebrations Project Report.

The next Safer Celebrations Campaign will be launched later in 2015.

Launched in November 2014, Keep it in Check is a Youth Solutions safer celebrations campaign, developed …

Past Campaign – What’s the cost to you?

Launched in November 2013, What’s the cost to you? is a safer summer campaign created by Youth Solutions in partnership with the Campbelltown Catholic Club.

Developed with a high level of youth participation in the development and implementation of the campaign, What’s the cost to you? targets young people and the wider Macarthur community to encourage safer celebrations during the …

Past Campaign – Give Us a Hand – Smoke…do you really want it?

The Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Group (YAG)  has launched a project that will help the Macarthur and Wingecarribee regions understand current tobacco concerns among young people.

As part of their Peer Enrichment and Empowerment Project (PEEP), the YAG have created, ‘Give Us a Hand’, an annual interactive multimedia campaign that aims to engage the community through an online website that …

Past Project – The YARN Project

“We would like to pay our respect to the traditional custodians, the D’harawal people, whose land we live and work on. We further that respect to Elders both past and present, as well as the young people of this land who are our future.”

Length of project

The first stage of the YARN Project was implemented from July 2012 – …

Past Project – Gen Y Website Project

In 2011, Youth Solutions acknowledged that with the technological advancements particularly with young people and the community, our current website needed to be updated to become an accessible platform for young people and all who supports them.

In September 2011, we received funding from the Macarthur Credit Union to revise our current website to make it more youth friendly and …

Past Campaign – Give Us a Hand

Proudly funded by IMB Community Foundation, our Youth Advisory Group (YAG) created their multimedia campaign as part of the Youth Participation Project. With the first stage of the Youth Participation Project focusing on gathering research data and collating information about specific drug issues in the Macarthur region, our YAG was set the task to create a campaign around one of …

Past Campaign – Celebrate Safe. No Regrets

This campaign is the third stage of the Campbelltown Catholic Club project.

‘Celebrate Safe. No Regrets’ is a social marketing campaign that focuses on alcohol, responsible patrons and supports young people in the Macarthur region to be safe over the summer period.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among young people and the wider community about the consequences of risky …