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Youth Solutions … we make a difference (2016)

Sally Willmott, School Counsellor, Teacher and Registered Psychologist (2016)

The people who work at Youth Solutions are very welcoming! The are encouraging and super supportive. I think they do great work for young people and I’ve had lots of fun doing YAG – Samantha McAuley, Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Group (2017)

Youth Solutions does such important work with young people in our community, preventing young people from drug and alcohol issues and harm and helping young people to manage the risks they are faced with. Their programs help to prevent drug and alcohol issues before they happen or escalate. I would definitely recommend Youth Solutions to other young people if they need help, support or education around drugs and alcohol. – Khalid Almalki, Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Group member and Student Placement (2017)

Everything I had learned at YS will benefit me greatly on my journey to become a qualified Youth Worker. I would love to thank YS for having me be a part of their team. (With YS) you learn such lifelong skills, interesting information about drugs and alcohol that you probably wouldn’t have known. They run very good programs that will benefit the youth in the community. – Tara Hartnett, Student Placement (2017)

I love the passion and enthusiasm that Youth Solutions has for helping young people in the Macarthur and Wingecarribee area. Youth Solutions is providing a much needed service and both Macarthur and Wingecarribee are lucky to have them. Everywhere in Australia should have access to the resources Youth Solutions has. – Aaron Ellis, Youth Advisory Group member   (2010 – 2015) 

PM letter 

– The Hon Tony Abbott MP, then Prime Minister of Australia (2015)

Youth Solutions’ incredibly dedicated people put a lot of time and effort into providing advice, education, support and other strategies for young people in the area in an effort to minimise harm and arm young people with the information and skills they need to make educated and safe choices. Without a doubt we encourage more people to get behind Youth Solutions and its great work. – Damon and Cassandra May, MayTek IT Solutions, Board Member, Sponsors and Volunteers

If young people are getting into drugs and alcohol they will not be reaching their potential. That’s where the work of Youth Solutions comes in. Youth Solutions actually makes a difference and is reaching young people directly and that’s something I want to be involved in. – Lana Nguyen, Youth Advisory Group member (2013 – 2015)

Youth Solutions provides information for young people about drugs and alcohol with a focus on preventing harm. Anything that helps give our kids the right information about drugs and alcohol and how it can affect their lives, is a great thing to be involved with. We choose to support Youth Solutions because we believe in the work the team does. – Sharon and Drew Moyle, TLD Logistics, Sponsors and Volunteers 

YAG has given me so much more self-confidence throughout the years.  The staff members at Youth Solutions are such caring people and I would personally like to say thank you to all the past and present staff members for listening to my problems, boosting my self-confidence and dealing with all through the stressful times in our lives. – Francis McAleese, Youth Advisory Group member (2010 – 2014) 

The YAG has been an amazing and supportive community for me, and for that I am grateful. It has been incredibly enriching and rewarding to attain such a sense of social involvement, activism and self-worth within this secure and comforting environment that really fosters growth and development. – Erin Middleton, Youth Advisory Group member (2013) 

The ongoing efforts you do for youth is truly inspiring. It is an honour to belong to such a great organisation. Keep up the good work. – Martin Peebles, Association Member (2013)

My experience with Youth Solutions as a work placement student was amazing. There was such a supportive environment, great learning experiences, a mixture of AMAZING personalities and overall it is an amazing organisation that I will remember forever. – Kaleen Woodley, student placement (2013)

Youth Solutions is an amazing company with great people. They are all nice and what they do is great! –  Bryce Tyler White, student placement (2013)

Spending five weeks at Youth Solutions has opened my eyes to a wide range of things. Even though my degree is in medicine and many people were not sure how I could relate this placement to my studies, I had the opportunity to learn more about how serious the problem of drugs and alcohol is among young people. Certain topics that I took for granted before had made me realise how significant and important workshops and peer led education tactics can be to combat these issues.

Youth Solutions’ role in the community to spread the awareness of the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol in young people should really be praised. I am glad that I could spend some time at Youth Solutions and hopefully the knowledge that I gained could help me later on in my medical profession.Helma Azmar, University of Western Sydney student placement (2013)

We are grateful for the knowledge you shared on such an important topic and were surprised how little we knew ourselves! Thank you for being part of our Camp team!Kay Howe , Assistant Principal, Campbell House SSP (2013)

I like how the friendly staff make all feel welcome at Youth Solutions, as well as what Youth Solutions do and stand for by advocating drug and alcohol issues and their effects into school communities and the general community. My personal current and past experience with Youth Solutions is great as I have been volunteering for YS for a few years now and I enjoy every minute of it. Youth Solutions opened up many opportunities for me over the past few years which I appreciate. Overall, Youth Solutions is a fantastic not for profit non-government organisation that has a great purpose in the community. Tamika Briggs, Youth Advisory Group member (2010 – 2013), Young Aboriginal Reference Network member (2013 – 2014) 

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