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Youth Solutions’ core work includes implementing health promotion education programs which make a positive difference in the lives of young people and improve their health and social outcomes.

The Service’s programs focus on equipping young people with the skills, knowledge, resilience and support they need to make safer choices and to prevent them from drug and alcohol related harm.

Youth Solutions’ programs are delivered free of charge to groups of young people in Macarthur and Wingecarribee.

Currently Youth Solutions’ programs are delivered with groups of young people in schools, other educational institutions, juvenile justice, sporting clubs and young people associated with other youth and community services.

The programs are typically delivered across a number of weeks, ensuring adequate time for rapport building with participants and supporting best practice guidelines which show that recurring programs achieve better outcomes for young people.

These core programs are integral in achieving the Youth Solutions’ vision of improving the health, wellbeing and resilience of young people and the community.

Youth Solutions’ current programs include:

  • ARTucation – an Aboriginal-specific program coupling drug and alcohol education with learnings of healthy expression through connection with culture, creative activities and/or sport

  • PEEP (Peer Enrichment and Empowerment Project) – a youth training program whereby youth volunteers assist Youth Solutions to plan, deliver and evaluate activities for young people, specifically the SAFE Series seminars (link to SAFE Series page)

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