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“Sometimes you don’t know what you are doing and you end up doing this very harmful thing to yourself. I had no better idea. You want to know how you can stay safe and not harm yourself.”

– 23-year-old, Youth Solutions research project participant

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  • Youth Solutions has deductible gift recipient status. Donations to Youth Solutions of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

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A message from our CEO

On behalf of our team and Board, I would like to share something that is very dear to my heart. It’s about the risks and harm that our young people are facing because of drugs and alcohol. It’s about the need to tackle this issue at the start, before it’s too late. It’s about the fact that it takes a community to keep our young people healthy, safe and connected. It’s because we need your support now to make a difference.

Alcohol is the leading risk factor claiming the lives of our young people (1). Alcohol and illegal drug use remain the leading cause of death and disease for young people (2). 

It’s with this in mind, that we are inviting you to join us in making a difference, right at the start, to give people like Jack* the option of a different path.

Read Jack’s story here.

At Youth Solutions, we know that it takes a community to keep our young people healthy, safe and connected. It takes a community to change the future for people like Jack. It takes a community to offer people like Jack another option; another path. We need you.

Your tax deductible donation will help us to provide the programs, campaigns and services needed to support our young people and encourage them to take a different path. A path without addiction. A path without relying on drugs and alcohol to cope or to feel good about themselves. A path where young people are now aware of the harms, dangers and consequences of drugs and alcohol and feel supported to choose differently.

As a drug and alcohol prevention and health promotion charity working with young people and the wider community in Macarthur and Wingecarribee, Youth Solutions currently delivers programs to over 2000 young people a year and we have so many more young people we want to reach.

These programs and services help young people to understand how drugs and alcohol can affect their lives. The programs help young people to build up their positive coping strategies. They link young people to the support and help they need when things are tough. They provide the knowledge and skill development necessary to prevent and reduce harm from alcohol and drug use.

Your donation will have a great impact on the work Youth Solutions does.

We need your help to expand and provide the resources for our programs to increase our ability to reach more young people.

Together we can make a difference. Let’s be there for our young people from the start.

– Geraldine Dean, Youth Solutions CEO

Looking for other ways to donate?

Alternatively you can contact us today on 02 4628 2319 to arrange your donation or you can complete and return the Form – Donation Authorisation.

Completed forms can be sent via mail to Youth Solutions, PO Box 112 Macarthur Square NSW 2560 or via email to finance@youthsolutions.com.au.

Youth Solutions also welcomes the donation of prizes or items to support fundraising events and activities. Contact the team today to arrange a donation.


  1. GBD 2016 Alcohol Collaborators 2018, ‘Alcohol use and burden for 195 countries and territories, 1990 – 2016: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016’, The Lancet, vol. 392, no. 10152, pp. 1015 – 1035.
  2. Lawrence D, Johnson S, Hafekost J, Boterhove de Haan K, Sawyer M, Ainley J & Zubrick SR 2015, The mental health of children and adolescents: Report on the Secondary Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Department of Health, Canberra.

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