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Young People

Aged 12 – 25 years? Then you have come to the right place!

Supporting you is what we at Youth Solutions are all about. As a drug and alcohol education service we’re keen to provide you with the support, skills and info you need to be healthy, safe and connected. Really, we just want to be here for you.

Want to know how to keep yourself safe and reduce alcohol harm when you are celebrating with your friends? We’ve got a campaign with a heap of tips for that. Need facts about vaping and smoking? Then our #whyichoose campaign is for you.

Love what we are up to? Then check out our Youth Advisory Group volunteering opportunities; because it’s you who shapes our work and the stuff we get up to.

Youth Advisory Group

Want to empower local young people to be safe, and to keep their friends safe, around alcohol and other drugs? We want to hear from you!

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Celebrating Safely

Celebration season is here! And we’ve got your slay safe toolkit to live your ‘Safer Summer Era’. Check it out for the latest tips, tricks and planning hacks for a memorable and safer summer.

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Supporting others

Supporting people in your life who are experiencing alcohol, drug and mental health issues, is no easy feat. But you can make a difference by checking in, being there and helping connect someone to the support they need.

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Take our Quiz!

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what information is correct… especially when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Have a go at our quiz!

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Vaping and Smoking

#whyichoose is all about educating young people about the negative health effects of tobacco smoking and vaping while promoting the benefits of choosing not to smoke or vape.

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Drug info

Scratching your head about drugs, their effects and harms? We’ve got you covered with our Drug Info.

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