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Parents & Carers

Raising or supporting a young person? It’s an amazing (but sometimes tough) gig!

But you are not alone; the team at Youth Solutions is here for you. Because together, we can help our young people to be healthy, safe and connected. Together, we can work to prevent them from drug and alcohol related harm.

How can we help you as a parent or carer? We’ve got a heap of knowledge about supporting and communicating with young people, can provide you with drug and alcohol info and can link you to support you or your young person might need. Check out our tips and connect with us if you need support.

Helpful Resources

Preventing drug and alcohol harm

Seven protective factors parents and carers can help a young person to build to assist in preventing drug and alcohol related harm.

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Supporting your child to seek the help they need

Read our top five tips for supporting people who require help with alcohol, drugs or their mental health.

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Communicating with my teenager

10 tips for successfully communicating with your child or young person.

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Drug Info

Want the real info about alcohol and drugs, their effects and harms? We’ve got you covered.

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Find Support Now

Need some help for your child or yourself, but not sure where to turn? Connect with us.

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