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Vaping and Smoking

Need help or support? In an emergency, always call Triple Zero (000) for emergency services.

You can make a more informed decision around tobacco smoking or vaping.

Our #whyichoose campaign puts a spotlight on the perspective and opinions of you, local young people, and promotes the latest information around the negative health effects of tobacco smoking and vaping, and the benefits of choosing not to smoke tobacco or vape.

To join the conversation follow us on Instagram and share your own #whyichoose message! Why do you choose not to smoke tobacco or vape, or to make safer choices in relation to smoking or vaping? Post it up on your own Instagram, tag us and use the hashtag (so we can share it!).

Did you know...

Nicotine is a stimulant drug which is extremely addictive and is the main chemical which causes dependency/addiction on tobacco and vapes.

Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in Australia. (For information on tobacco visit our Drug Information page Vaping and Tobacco).

Vaping causes acute lung injury, poisoning and  seizures.

Vapes contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

People who vape are 3x more likely to become tobacco smokers than people who do not vape, particularly young people.

Want to make safer decisions around tobacco smoking or vaping?

Safer decisions around tobacco smoking or vaping could be:

  • Deciding not to smoke or vape
  • Quitting smoking and/or vaping
  • Cutting back
  • Seeking support to quit or cut back
  • Stepping away from your friends and family when you smoke a cigarette or vape
  • Having a smoke and vape free study, work and home environment

Quitting tobacco smoking or vaping can be easier when you have support. For tips, strategies and help to create a quit plan from qualified professionals contact:

Want to find out more?

Contact the #whyichoose project lead for a chat!

Bec Fortune, Health Promotion Officer: 02 4628 2319

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