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Campaign launch: Trending Now Summer Celebrations

Posted on 8th November 2022

Youth Solutions releases summer celebration guide for safe partying

Summer celebrations are the best time of the year. The warmer months signal holidays, end-of-year and Christmas celebrations and an opportunity to party and wind down before study and work ramp up again.

As the end of year celebrations approach, the team at Youth Solutions is sharing the latest tips and trends for a memorable summer via its latest campaign, Trending Now. The goal? To make safer celebrating the norm, to support young people to enjoy their summer safely and reduce alcohol-related harm.

Targeting young people aged 18 to 25 years in Macarthur and Wingecarribee, the Trending Now: Summer Celebrations campaign aims to provide practical celebration and partying tips, including sharing messages from Youth Solutions’ youth volunteers.

Youth Solutions Chief Executive Officer Geraldine Dean said the health charity was determined to promote practical strategies to keep young people in the community safe over summer.

“We are committed to helping young people keep themselves and their friends safe while they celebrate,” Mrs Dean said. “This campaign runs alongside our various health promotion programs and plays a role in helping us to achieve some of our broader goals at Youth Solutions, including increasing health literacy around alcohol and safer celebrating, as a means of reducing harm.”

Youth Solutions Community Relations & Communications Coordinator, Amanda Dillon, who is heading up the campaign, said: “If young people remember even just one of our simple, safer celebrating tips when they’re out and about this summer, then our campaign has been a success.”

“We’re aiming to make safer celebrating the norm by sharing practical things young people can do to reduce their risk of harm and increase their chances of safe and great celebration. We’re also keen to remind young people about the importance of reaching out for help and support.”

Some of the key pointers to ensure you have an enjoyable time but also get home safely at the end of the night include:

  • Keep hydrated. Drinking water between alcoholic drinks not only reduces your alcohol intake, but it can also help you to avoid feeling sick.
  • Fill your stomach with a good meal; this helps to slow the absorption of alcohol.
  • Alcohol slows your reaction times, can impair your vision, make you feel drowsy and make it harder to concentrate. Plan a safe way home and skip the alcohol if you plan to drive.
  • Always call for help in an emergency. If someone passes out or you are unable to wake them, call Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance – it could save their life. You won’t get into trouble – ambos only care about saving lives and keeping people safe.
  • Tell ambulance officers if your friend has had alcohol or drugs – it really helps them to provide the right care.
  • Party in safe surroundings – choose places with good lighting and security nearby, stay in a group and let others know if you going to another area or leaving.

Mrs Dean said Youth Solutions had run an annual safer celebrating campaign each summer for more than a decade, motivated by addressing the statistics and realities around the alcohol consumption of young people.

“In the latest Census, one in seven (14.4%) people aged 18-24 years consumed more than 10 standard drinks in the week prior to being interviewed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics,” she said. “From our own #MatesKeepItSafe 2020 campaign, we found young people were most likely to drink the most when they were with their friends (69%) or their family (37%).”

“For us at Youth Solutions, we are always working to encourage a supportive community where moderated alcohol consumption and even no alcohol consumption alongside safe partying practices are the norm. It’s about helping our young people to have a good time, look out for each other, enjoy themselves and get to get home safely.”

For all the campaign tips and updates visit the Trending Now: Summer Celebrations campaign page or connect with Youth Solutions on social media: Instagram | TikTok | Facebook.

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