Posted on 15th Mar 2015

The 2019 campaign is happening now! Visit the #whyichoose website for more info!

Logo1The Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Group (YAG)  first launched the #whyichoose campaign in 2015, reinvigorating the campaign each year.

The project aims to start a conversation about the risks of tobacco smoking and the benefits of quitting smoking, cutting back or not starting to begin with.

Aged 15 – 25 years! Get involved and take the #whyichoose survey now!

The #whyichoose campaign also encourages people to post their Twitter and Instagram content using the hashtag #whyichoose, to share their message about the safer choices they make around smoking. The posts will then appear on the main social media feed of the #whyichoose website.

The campaign is active between March and June each year. Visit the #whyichoose website – www.whyichoose.com.au – for all the info!

The #whyichoose campaign is part of Youth Solutions’ PEEP Project.

Project Report

Download the #whyichoose Project Report 2017 – 2018 here.

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