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Pacific Resources

Pacific Resource Project

This project developed organically given the guidance of cultural influencers and members of the Australian – Samoan community involved in the resource creation. The final product is a mini poster campaign series which focuses on ‘Helping family’ , ‘Helping friends’  and ‘Helping yourself’.

The cultural learnings from this project were special and enabled the team to solidify numerous working relationships with members and creatives from the local community. A big thank you to Leo Tanoi and Greg Semu for their generosity in sharing their perspectives and culture. The poster series are now being distributed to organisations working with Samoan communities and young people across South Western Sydney.

Helping Yourself

Do you need help accessing support for yourself?

Download Helping Yourself Poster

Helping Friends

Stuck on how to help your mates and where to seek help?

Download Helping Friends Poster

Helping Family

Need to support a loved one with where to turn?

Download Helping Family Poster

From Our Co-Producers…

“I think we can be happy with the final result, it’s authentic in every aspect possible regarding projects that are designed to be ‘frontline’ direct community engagement, investment and dialogue. I personally think we have over delivered in terms of ‘value’ outside of financial dollars and budgets, taking on the concept, message, target audience and demographics, organically a ‘campaign’ evolved.

Thank You for the invitation to participate with you and for the budget to deploy into the community and initiate a dialogue and conversation. I have learned so much from the experience and I hope with confidence that the campaign will resonate with our community and also with government and other funding agencies.” 

– Greg Semu, Cultural Co-Producer

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