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AOD Link

AOD Link is Youth Solutions’ sector training and capacity building program.

Through the AOD Link program, Youth Solutions delivers relevant presentations and activities to community sector workers, educators, parents and carers.

AOD Link aims to develop the knowledge and skills of workers, educators, parents and carers, in order to better support their young people, and/or clients.

AOD Link presentations are conducted at the Youth Solutions office or can also be organised for external groups. AOD Link can be delivered via face-to-face group sessions, or online group sessions.

Presentation topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Drugs and alcohol (including vaping)
  • How to discuss drugs and alcohol with your young people
  • Supporting young people experiencing drug and alcohol issues

A range of other topics are available, on request.

“The training was exceptionally well prepared and interactive. The preparation, organisation and consultation regarding the AOD training was truly outstanding.” – Sector Worker, 2022

What will I learn at AOD Link?

Through AOD Link, participants learn about:

  • Alcohol and/or other drugs, drug effects, current trends and statistics (as applicable to the presentation topic)
  • Effective alcohol and other drug prevention and harm reduction strategies
  • Useful resources and support services

AOD Link participants gain skills in:

  • Supporting, working and communicating with young people
  • Accessing support services

What do people say about AOD Link?

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