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DAIR (Drug and Alcohol Information and Resilience Skills) is a drug and alcohol harm prevention and health promotion program for young people aged 12 – 18 years.

Through DAIR, young people take part in a series of interactive workshops which focus on knowledge and skill development and aim to reduce alcohol and other drug related harm.

DAIR helps young people to develop skills in:

  • understanding the negative health effects of using alcohol and other drugs
  • implementing harm reduction strategies around alcohol and other drugs
  • assessing safety and risk
  • identifying stressors and implementing positive coping strategies
  • effective communication and teamworkaccessing help and support services

In addition to reducing alcohol and other drug related harms, DAIR aims to the improve mental health, resilience and positive coping strategies of participants.

DAIR can be delivered to groups of young people in local high schools, primary schools, community or youth centres or other alternate learning facilitates. DAIR can be carefully tailored to suit the needs and interests of each group.

DAIR can be delivered via face-to-face group sessions, or online group sessions.

Well presented, great content. Students really enjoyed the activities and got a lot out of the program.”  – Teacher, 2017

What do people say about DAIR?

What can I learn at DAIR?


Thank you for teaching us about alcohol, drugs and mental health. I’ve learned a lot.” – Participant, 2019

Funding and support

DAIR was created in 2012. Youth Solutions and DAIR is funded by NSW Health | South Western Sydney Local Health District.

The DAIR (Drug and Alcohol Information and Resilience Skills) Program is also supported by West Group Macarthur.

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