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Sports AWARE

Sports AWARE provides drug, alcohol and wellbeing education and support to young sportspeople.

Youth Solutions has partnered with Wests Group Macarthur to develop Sports AWARE – a health promotion project prioritising the wellbeing of young sportspeople. Sports AWARE aims to build skills, knowledge, connections and supports for young sportspeople to prevent drug and alcohol harm and promote health. 

The project’s development, thanks to support and funding from Wests Group Macarthur, builds on Youth Solutions’ foundational work with local Macarthur and Wingecarribee sporting clubs, addressing the need for health and wellbeing projects that support local young sportspeople.

What can I learn at Sports AWARE?

Formally launching in 2023, the Sports AWARE project is engaging with local sporting clubs for robust consultations to identify key areas and issues which will shape the project materials.

The pilot project will be delivered in 2023, with the implementation of educational, skill-building workshops with local young sportspeople. These workshops are complemented by community outreach activities at local sports game days to engage with young sportspeople and their supporters.

Through Sports AWARE, young people will learn about:

  • The effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Safety around drugs and alcohol
  • Drugs and alcohol in the context of the law and other regulations
  • Consequences of unsafe choices
  • Responding to an emergency
  • Positive ways to keep healthy and well
  • Positive role models
  • Health and support services and strategies

Sports AWARE participants will gain skills in:

  • Understanding effects and risks of drugs and alcohol
  • Assessing safety and risk
  • Mitigating risk
  • Emergency first aid provision
  • Positive role modelling, including identifying positive role models
  • Strategies for keeping self healthy
  • Accessing help and support

Sports AWARE also includes the implementation of information seminars for partners/carers, coaches and support staff to address relevant youth issues and build knowledge and connections to better support their young sportspeople.

Funding and support

Youth Solutions is funded by NSW Health | South Western Sydney Local Health District.

Sports AWARE is kindly supported and funded by Wests Group Macarthur. Youth Solutions thanks Wests Group Macarthur for partnering with us to develop and deliver this exciting and much-needed project.

Need more info?

Interested in the project? Contact the Youth Solutions team on 02 4628 2319 or via email at

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