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Health Pro+

Health Pro+ provides drug and alcohol education and support to the next generation of health and community service professionals.

This health promotion project aims to increase the knowledge, supports and skills of students studying in medical, youth and community service fields. The goal? To equip these emerging professionals to better support those experiencing drug, alcohol and mental health concerns.

Health Pro+ aims to positively contribute to the landscape of healthcare for future generations of young people to receive quality care and support for drug, alcohol, and related issues.

The project is made possible thanks to support and funding provided by our Health Pro+ partner, Campbelltown Catholic Club. Running alongside Health Pro+ is the It Starts With Us campaign – a youth-led initiative bringing the project’s focus on supporting others to life.

Thank you so much for the workshop! It was immensely helpful in guiding my approach to providing health services. It was a great experience that I am very grateful for.” 

– Health Pro+ pilot program participant, 2022

What can I learn at Health Pro+?

Formally launched in 2022, following a pilot program, Health Pro+ participants work to increase their knowledge of drug and alcohol issues and how to support people experiencing these, in both their personal and professional lives.

Through Health Pro+, young people learn about:

  • The effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Recent trends in drug and alcohol use
  • Reasons for alcohol and drug use
  • Levels of use and identifying drug and alcohol issues
  • Evidence-based harm minimisation strategies
  • Latest research findings
  • Barriers to help-seeking and how to overcome them
  • Help and support services for referral pathways
  • Techniques, strategies and resources to help support people experiencing drug and alcohol issues

Health Pro+ participants gain skills in:

  • Understanding effects and risks of drugs and alcohol
  • Understanding drug use motivations and levels of use
  • Mitigating risk and implementing harm reduction strategies
  • Identifying drug and alcohol issues
  • Overcoming barriers to help-seeking
  • Using person-centered language and the stages of change model
  • Supporting people experiencing drug, alcohol and related issues, including referring to support services

I found all the information relevant to my studies and it gave a better perspective regarding patient health and outcomes, specifically within the medical context.” 

– Health Pro+ pilot program participant, 2021

What do people say about Health Pro+?

Funding and support

Youth Solutions is funded by NSW Health | South Western Sydney Local Health District.

Health Pro+ is kindly supported and funded by our Major Corporate Partner, Campbelltown Catholic Club.

Need more info?

Interested in the project? Contact the Youth Solutions team on 02 4628 2319 or via email at

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