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SAFE Series

The SAFE Series includes a range of health education presentations, which are delivered to groups of young people

The programs take place with assistance from a Peer Educator as part of our Peer Enrichment and Empowerment Project.

A Peer Educator is a trained youth volunteer, a member of the Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Group, who assists Youth Solutions to deliver seminars to their peers, making the content and activities more relatable to young people.

Each presentation in the SAFE Series aims to improve young people’s knowledge and skills relating to the particular topic area:

  • Party SAFE: Generally delivered with assistance from Peer Educator, focuses on developing knowledge and skills in young people to reduce drug and alcohol related harm and increase safe partying behaviours.
  • Drive SAFE: Youth Solutions also uses adapted versions of its SAFE Series presentations to deliver the drug and alcohol education components of Camden’s Drive 2 Stay Alive program and U Turn the Wheel programs in Camden, Wollondilly and Wingecarribee.
  • Quit SAFE cessation program: Youth Solutions is piloting the Quit SAFE cessation program – a series of workshops aimed at helping participants to start their journey to quit smoking.

“You spoke to them, not at them – thank you!”– Teacher, 2019

Delivery options: The SAFE series workshops can be delivered via face-to-face group sessions, or online group sessions.

Project impact

The SAFE Series has had a great impact on its participants.

As part of our commitment to quality improvement and delivering programs that are outcomes-focused, Youth Solutions prioritises strong project evaluation, including data collection surveys from project participants.

The below infographic summarises the key Party SAFE and Drive SAFE evaluation findings from the 2019 – 2020 financial year.

“Well timed, concise, accurate, good examples, well informed facilitator with an easy to follow and approachable manner.”– Teacher, 2019

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